Almost all the nations today spend hefty sums and a big proportions of their national incomes on their defence strategies. The need of the hour for all the governments is the easing out of international relations which will reduce cold war like situations and also help these nations divert a big fraction of the money spent on defence to other productive works which will enhance the economic status of the nations.

Now for an individual, there are always has 2 needs - one is the physical need of an individual which may include needs of necessity like food, clothing, shelter and also in some cases needs for luxurious goods. And the other one include the mental needs the spiritual needs of an individual which may include various religious and spiritual activities such as prayers meditations etc. They act as a refreshment for the mind and soul of an individual.

Mission 51 Shaktipeeth Circuit will help in bridging the gaps and fulfilling the needs for the Government as well as of the individuals.
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