1. Documentation of all the 51 Shaktipeethas, including their detailed maps and architectural designs.
  2. Identification of the network and transport routes in terms of prigrimage-tourism and tourist map of South Asia.
  3. Preparation of a directory of the shrines, temples, personnel involved, important stakeholders, functionaries and management committees.
  4. Preparation of documentary films about the pilgrimages, rituals, ritual scape, sacred scape and other aspects for all the sites.
  5. Establish a live model "Shakti Pillar" at each of the site though inscribed messages, sketches, miniature and glorification.
  6. Formation of an institutionalized group and an associated body that looks after all sorts of arrangements for pilgrimages.
  7. Working out and develop in an easy and accessible system for getting proper passport / Visa and other document facilities.
  8. Formation of an association (like A.S.P.S.A.) that helps to organize seminars / symposiums.
  9. Formation of a Mission / Commission in the SAARC countries. Such Commission would keep active link and collaboration with any institutions or association that deal with SAARC in India and abroad.
  10. Promoting active and constant communication and co-operation with Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Human Resource Development and International Council for Cultural Relations.

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